• “From the Big Bang to continental drift to the modern economies around our world today, this series encapsulates the entirety of human history with easy-to-understand explanations of how the science of Earth and space are vital to our existence."

    Doug Cohen - Executive Producer
  • “This series exemplifies the kind of science-based perspective on both our history and our future that we envisioned exploring when we launched CuriosityStream just over a year ago.”

    John Hendricks - Founder, Curiositystream

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Deep Time History

It's more than just a show.

By revealing the surprising links between human history and Deep Time, we’ll show how our civilization and innovations are driven not only by the decisions we make or by victory on the battlefield, but by physics, geology, biology, chemistry—by forces so far back in time, that even the formation of our planet secretly shaped the stories we thought we knew.

Did you know Columbus was a foodie?

Find out how pepper served as the catalyst for trade across the world. Modern civilization is born out of a taste for spice.

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